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The Anti-School Korpus is an incubator for startups for young people aged 16-23. Here, students develop product ideas, create prototypes and launch their first business.

The Korpus program consists of three stages. For 9 months, tutors, mentors and experts supervise team projects helping them gain the necessary knowledge, contacts and resource base. The incubator was founded by the Everypixel (formerly PressFoto Group), which has been working in IT development and R&D for 9 years.

The Korpus events are free. To get enrolled at the anti-school, you should participate in and get qualified for the Startup Weekend. The event will be held February 8-11.

Attend Startup Weekend
The Korpus classes are held in the evening on Monday, Thursday and Saturday and include product, profile and team-building activities.
Team Building
Cool projects are created by strong teams. So, team building is one of the main focuses in the Korpus: strategic games and so-called “managerial fights”.
Product and Profile Activities
In Korpus, all conditions are created so that students can create their first startup: product managers help turn the idea into the product, IT teachers (ML, blockchain tech, JS and robotics) help gain the knowledge which is required to create a prototype, the material base of Korpus and marketing consulting help launch a product.



Terms of Participation

The Anti-School Korpus is a startup incubator for young people aged 16-23. To be enrolled at the anti-school, you need to have a startup idea, preferably related to ML, or have a desire and useful skills to become part of the project team.

The main enrollment at the incubator is held every six months at the event. The additional enrollment is possible in the framework of idea seeding event that happens every Friday.

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